Solid Waste Department
Rural Recycling Program

This site concerns RURAL county residences only. For assistance with a residence inside a city limit please call City Hall.

To encourage recycling Latah maintains a drop-off recycling program. When the boxes contain non-recyclable items they must be shipped 200 miles away at $77/ton. Please follow the guidelines below.

Locations of recycling boxes:

Deary: Line St near bulky waste site.

Genesee: Oak & Pine Sts, by yard waste bin

Juliaetta: 3rd & Railroad.

Kendrick: 8th & Railroad St, by yard waste bin

Potlatch: City Hall parking lot.

Troy: Hwy 8, Sunset Mart Lot.

For more recycling options use Moscow Recycling Center

Recycling items must be deposited as labeled on box. Remove and discard lids and no plastic bags. Please follow the guidelines below and signs on boxes.

CARDBOARD: Please flatten.

METALS: (Please rinse) Aluminum/tin cans. Not allowed in box: foil, paint or aerosol cans.

GLASS: (Please rinse & remove lids) Bottles & jars. Not allowed in box: window glass, light bulbs, pyrex, ceramics, windshields, vases or drinking glasses.

PAPER: (Place loose in container) Magazines/catalogs, newspaper (including glossy ads), telephone books, junk mail (envelopes with plastic windows accepted), dry food boxes (such as cereal, remove liners), paper bags/sacks, gift wrap. Not allowed in box: tissues, paper towels/cups/plates, cartons from milk, soy, juice or ice cream, food soiled papers or pet food bags.

PLASTICS: (must be larger than 6 oz, rinse & remove lids). Jugs (such as milk, detergent, fabric softener), jars (such as peanut butter), bottles (such as water, soda, shampoo), dairy tubs (such as butter, cottage cheese), clamshell containers (such as deli/fresh produce).

Common Problem Items NOT ACCEPTED: Pet food bags, plastic bags/wrap, plastic storage bins, planters/pots, plastic toys, aseptic (paper) cartons, foil, oil, styrofoam, or any hazardous waste containers.